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Lab kits are required for any student taking high school level Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics courses.  These lab materials and instructions for use are used in conjunction with our curriculum to offer quality high school science courses!  These are an additional cost for any student taking the above four courses.

We have partnered with Quality Science Labs to enhance your student’s learning experience.  Students will receive 5 extra credits when using the additional lab kit with his or her course, plus the high school transcript will notate the completion of lab work.  For some colleges and universities, it is highly beneficial or required the student completes lab projects while completing science courses!

Each kit contains equipment, supplies, and manual  to complete lab assignments. Click the appropriate link below. You may also order by visiting qualitysciencelabs.com and choosing Custom Kits from the menu on the left side, then choose our school.

The chemistry teacher will provide additional lab report forms to submit for credit.

Integrated Physics and Chemistry (Physical Science) Lab Kit

Similar to Earth Science

Micro Physical Science (Integrated Physics and Chemistry) Kit $139.95

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Biology Lab Kit

Biology Kit $179.95

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MicroChemistry Lab Kit

MicroChemistry Kit with Organic Chemistry Supplement $174.95

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Physics Lab Kit

Physics Kit  $249.95

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