Online summer school can be used to make up classes or work ahead!

Online summer school lets you work from the convenience of your home or even on vacation.  Great for make-up credit, electives for extra credit, new course credit, or just a jump start for 2017-2018!

Our online summer school courses will be accepted at almost any school in the United States because of regional accreditation.  Print our school information page to give to your school before enrolling in a course.  Once you have their permission, enroll!  

How it works:  Western Christian Academy has full accreditation status with the North Central Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), plus the National Association of Private Schools.  A letter of approval will be required from your school which will be accepting this credit. Print the School Information page (2 sheets) to give to an authorized person at your school.  A transcript will be sent to your school to give you the course credit once completed.

Pricing:Online summer school

Choose between semester and full-year (2 semester) courses:

$390 Two Semester Full-year Single Course
$275 Semester Half-year Single Course

Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry have an additional lab supplies cost of $139-$175.

WCA is a private school with students in all 50 states that offers core courses, plus dozens of electives.  Students have used WCA for credit recovery for decades.  We can offer a solution for students that may be looking at an additional year of school due to a failed course, incomplete courses due to sickness, or transfer credit problems from another school. In some cases, we can help the athlete that needs a higher G.P.A. for an upcoming season. WCA’s online summer school has helped schools reduce the cost and structure of summer school programs. Students also have an option to complete an extra course with WCA during the school year when scheduling conflicts arise or a determined student needs an extra course.